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Quote from Jackie Fisher - The reason we started working with Icon was that I felt we had a good company but I didn’t know how to take it next level quickly…Tony Golley was the first consultant who actually asked me what I wanted, and really listened, what a refreshing change...

About ICON

Icon Business Solutions was founded in 1998, and after sixteen years the unique consulting systems developed have helped over 7,000 global SME’s achieve their goals. The mission of ICON is to use our proven consulting systems to help business owners achieve their goals with confidence.

Our vision is to create a global entity, dedicated to the enhancement of business, with the ultimate objective of improving people’s lives.

Icon Business Solutions has brought to the SME market a truly holistic, unique, yet simple and affordable approach to developing and growing a business, enabling business owners to benefit from tangible differences within their businesses, from increased turnover and profit, to staff improvements, sustainable growth and more personal freedom.

ICON is not interested in quick fixes or short term solutions, but is focused on strategic solutions that deliver SUSTAINABLE, PROFITABLE GROWTH.

Our consulting systems are based on the approach of the big consulting entities such as KPMG, Accenture, BCG and McKinsey, and have been adapted to fit the requirements of the SME market. In short, there is a strategic process behind every consulting programme, guided by analysing each functional area of the business in turn, which helps formulate strategy selection and implementation. Each strategy is reviewed and measured at every stage, to ensure it is on track, giving confidence to the business owner that the process is delivering results. In doing so, we are able to offer a money back guarantee for our main consulting programme.

When working as an Icon Business Solutions’ advisor you are supported through tried and tested systems and the experience of a global network. This will enable you to analyse all the functional areas of the business and thus deliver a strategic solution for the client.

These functional areas include:-

Your objective as an Icon Business Advisor is to help the business owner move their focus and time away from working in the business, to working on their business' development. Not only will this enable them to achieve sustainable, profitable growth but also more freedom to enjoy the lifestyle of which they have previously only dreamed.

What sets the IBS business advising process apart is our combination of customised, strategic, professional business advice. We help and provide the ongoing development of your personal knowledge and skills for dealing with your own business. Business advising is a two-way process between you and your client, to ensure that you each consistently meet targets and timeframes, within a system that is accountable and results-oriented.

Icon Business Solutions’ global network of dedicated and passionate local business advisors is supported through a network of regional Master Licensees (Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA, Canada and Asia). The Master Licensees and Global Head Offices (Australia and United Kingdom) provide the Business Advisors with support, professional systems and the experience they need to make a difference to the businesses and lives of those in their own community.

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