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What our Clients say about ICON...

Quote from David Hooper - The outcome has been very positive, we are now on a growth strategy which is in line with the business plan.

How can ICON help…

This is quite simple: ICON delivers tailored solutions in working with the business owner(s) to help manage any of the following:

ICON will work with the business owner in a step by step approach to help them get from where they are to where they want to get to. All business change is reviewed each month to assess results to ensure all the change management process is constantly tested and measured to help business owners achieve results with confidence.

The key challenges ICON help business owners overcome can be broadly summarised as follows:

Want to take your business to the next level but you don't know how?

Cast your mind back to when you started your business. Is where you now are with your business where you wanted to be? Has your business hit a brick wall? Is your business simply coasting along, and you’re tired of feeling you’ve tried everything, struggling to grow the company?

It's now time to take your business to the next level.

Great companies know where they are going. They have strong leadership, and a clear strategy to achieve growth, with the right people in place to take them there. At ICON Business Solutions we help you devise the right plan for you to achieve SUSTAINABLE, PROFITABLE GROWTH.

Are you missing out on family / me time?

This is the silent killer in many businesses, as business owners feel trapped in the business they have created. Reports of people working 70 hours+ per week are common. You may be wearing too many hats at work, trying to manage the operations, team, marketing, sales, marketing and finance. Too many hours at work is the price many business owners pay for their own company. And exactly who does pay that price – just you or you and your family?

What’s the difference between good and great business leaders? Both can make money, but one makes enough time to enjoy it too. At ICON Business Solutions we can help you become a great business leader and to achieve work/lifestyle balance.

Is your team work holding back your business?

Poor teamwork can prevent your teams from working effectively to achieve their goals. Failure to work as a cohesive unit with a common purpose and direction can result in poor quality work, delays to projects and feelings of frustration and animosity at work. The result is poor team productivity, and managing this can be exhausting.

Would you like to build a high performing team committed to your business vision, sharing a common approach to achieving results, working effectively together? Imagine what it would be like if all employees in your company had the knowledge, skills, and motivation to do their job well every day. Imagine no more...

Are you receiving great rewards for your hard work and investment?

With today's uncertain markets, many small to medium businesses with limited financial expertise experience problems staying afloat and the main reason is poor cash management. Cash flow is the 'life blood' of any business and failure to get control will put your business at risk. For some, getting by from day to day is the only objective.

Is it time for you to get control not just of your cash flow, but your profitability, so that you can afford to grow your business, and pay for the luxuries you deserve along the way.

Are you well on your way to your ultimate goal? Or not?....

Too often we are busy on day to day issues, keeping our business afloat, and forgetting to ask ourselves, what we want from this business, where we want to take it and at what point do we want to get off. Many business owners leave this key stage far too late and end up not securing the financial rewards they deserve. Being busy at work, they’ve failed to find the time to plan their exit from the business.

Getting your business ready for sale or your team ready so that you can achieve a passive income needs effective planning. You need a clear vision about what you want to achieve from your business, so you can mould it into the right shape for your chosen exit option, groom your successors if they are coming from within the business, and achieve the freedom to exit at the time of your choosing.

If you are experiencing any of the above, then fill in our form and receive a FREE, no obligation health check.

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