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Quote from Lee Alley - “Despite having an MBA, I found Tony’s practical experienced advice was absolutely spot on. As a result I now work only 50 -60 hours a week rather than the 80-90 previously and I am working much more effectively and spending 25% of my time working ON The Business. I would thoroughly recommend Tony to any Business Owner who wants to change the way he/she works in their business.”

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George S. Horton Jr -

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George S. Horton Jr...


George Horton brings global and UK business strategy, management, engineering and entrepreneurial experience to his role advising small and medium business.  As an American who honed his skills in New York, Detroit, London, across Russia and China and the capitals of Central and Eastern Europe, Latin and South America , his entrepreneurial focus brought him England 24 years ago and to the Midlands 12 years ago, the latter to pursue his passion to create technology businesses based upon proprietary Intellectual Property.  Once described by the Financial Times as “the tireless George Horton” for his indefatigable drive and nature, George brings this thirst for challenge to his role as an Icon Advisor.

Educated in the US, George’s scope extends to regional, national, international and multinational arenas.  He has a firm grounding in banking, bi-lateral trade, product design, intellectual property expertise, manufacturing and sales, all of which capitalised on his BS in Engineering coupled with an MBA in International Finance.  George has served as CFO, COO, CEO and Chairman in subsidiaries of global conglomerates, as well as in entrepreneurial ventures.

Through these diverse and various assignments, George encountered many of the issues and challenges facing small and medium enterprises today.  As he addresses each new opportunity to work with entrepreneurs, as they grow their cherished businesses, he advises from a position of experience while providing valuable insight.

George not only comprehends, but has lived, the truism, that as an entrepreneur, the peaks are higher and the valleys are lower.  His unique blend of corporate and small business experience enables him to recognise the proverbial and, often latent, hazards in advance of them transpiring.

The seed of an idea… properly nurtured… can lead to a grove of opportunity.

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