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Quote from Lee Alley - “Despite having an MBA, I found Tony’s practical experienced advice was absolutely spot on. As a result I now work only 50 -60 hours a week rather than the 80-90 previously and I am working much more effectively and spending 25% of my time working ON The Business. I would thoroughly recommend Tony to any Business Owner who wants to change the way he/she works in their business.”

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07909 553 075
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Mike Collins -

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Mike Collins...


Originally from a technical engineering background, Mike has worked at a senior Management level with some of the world’s largest blue chip companies, including Frederick Parker Plc, Panasonic, 3M, Molex and Koch Industries.

His expertise encompasses all aspects of management from product innovation, cost control and maximising revenues, to harnessing team strengths to improve companywide sales and performance.

Driven by the key principals of Market Based Management; Integrity, Compliance, Value Creation, Entrepreneurship, Customer Focus, Knowledge, Change, Humility, Respect and Fulfilment, Mike has a strong mix of strategic and tactical skills that include;

Mike has been credited with successfully growing company revenues, increasing profits and developing high performing teams in highly competitive scenarios

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