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Quote from Jackie Fisher - The reason we started working with Icon was that I felt we had a good company but I didn’t know how to take it next level quickly…Tony Golley was the first consultant who actually asked me what I wanted, and really listened, what a refreshing change...

Case Studies

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Case Study - Transportation/Freight

It was very clear that the business owner wished to make more profit so that he could employ somebody to do some of his work.

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Case Study - Technology

The Owners wanted to reduce the businesses reliance on them and to increase the profitability and cash position of the business.

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Case Study - The Record Industry

To reverse the decline in sales and return the company to profit. At the same time reduce the number of hours worked.

Click to download and read: The Record Industry

Case Study - Engineering Firm

On a personal basis, he wished to terminate his career and work full time in his own business.

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Case Study - Freight Industry

The Owner wanted systems in place to preserve the current situation and move to the next level.

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Case Study - Construction Firm

To have a clear roadmap for continued profitability.

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Case Study - Commercial and Domestic Cleaning

The owner was an ‘employee’, working long hours and earning a decent income but not enough to meet personal and financial goals.

Click to download and read: Commercial and Domestic Cleaning

Case Study - Architect Practice

Experiencing cash flow challenges due to falling revenue and poor financial control skills. No marketing focus.

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Case Study - Food Industry

They were not able to achieve more than 7% net profit and wanted to have some time off from the never ending grind.

Click to download and read: Food Industry

Case Study - Professional services (accountant/legal services)

Primary driver was to gain staff motivation to move from a totally autocratic way of doing business to having an empowered team.

Click to download and read: Professional services (accountant/legal services)

Case Study - Sub Contractor, Construction

To improve cashflow in the business

Click to download and read: Sub Contractor, Construction

Case Study - Travel Company

Growing profitable business. As business has grown, the demands on business owner’s time and skills have grown too.

Click to download and read: Travel Company

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