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Should We Stay Or Should We Go?

By Tony Miles on 20/06/2016 - 0 Comments

At the time of writing unless you’ve been hiding for some time in a remote part of the globe without any communication to the outside world, you may possibly be aware of a forthcoming voting opportunity within the UK known as the EU Referendum.

This vote, arguably the most momentous decision the UK has had to face within most people’s memory, will likely affect our economy, immigration policy, foreign policy, security and sovereignty for generations to come. So, no pressure there then!

To be clear from the outset the intent of this blog is certainly not to influence your decision either way, as you may have already made up your mind. On the other hand it maybe that you’re still undecided because you need more facts to help guide your choice.

Let’s just look at those facts for a moment. The facts are…well there appear to be no facts as such… only claim and counter-claim, positive and opinions, suppositions, spin doctors, media bias and general fear mongering. Out of that melee how are we expected to make an informed and ultimately confident decision of such import?

Martin Lewis, a well-known and respected consumer champion, has boiled down the economic argument to essentially two statements:

Doesn’t help? Ok, in that case, let’s shift the focus to something that should make more sense and for which we can understand better to a greater or lesser degree, our own businesses.

In business and life, challenges of one sort or another are going to arise. There will always be something to complain or worry about. But you do have a choice. You can complain about things you can't control or you can control what you can control and let go of what you can't. You can focus on your issue or focus on improving. You can look for excuses or you can look within and find your best. This is true of most things in life.

While we may feel uncertain over the future of the country’s economy it’s fairly safe to say that the business owner of a small to medium enterprise has no direct control of the overall economy, only perhaps the power to influence it to a small, barely noticeable degree. But that very same business owner has every control over their own business, should they choose to exercise it, to help not only improve their own lives, but also their employees and customer’s lives

Regardless of the UK being IN the EU or OUT of the EU or somewhere in between, the focus of every business owner should be to maximize the potential of his or her own enterprise so that whatever the economic or political climate may throw our way the business is prepared for the challenge and therefore benefit from it.

Replicate that scenario across the country’s myriad SME’s then it’s not hard to see that the UK economy would do well regardless of what club it belonged to.

So, while the importance of the vote to decide the country’s future cannot be understated, it’s vitally important to vote to take action to refine and grow your business responsibly. To build resilience against uncertainty. 

This will have a more immediate and longer-lasting effect for you. But it has to start now. ACTION = RESULTS. Now that I certainly vote for!

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