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Simple Stories That Help Us To Be More Successful – No. 2

By Malcolm Orchard on 10/07/2016 - 0 Comments

Following on from last month’s Newsletter I would like to share another anecdote that illustrates how we as individuals (and in particular business owners) can be lazy in our thinking and believe what we are told when we really should be challenging the comments that we are fed.
The real lesson that comes out of this for me is that if it is important then check with an ‘expert’ or person of authority and not just accept something that you hear from a ‘Know it all’.

This one is called:

The Bloke Down the Pub

I was having a social evening down the pub recently and one of people in the group was talking about her business and asked me if I could offer some advice. Her husband was the main bread winner and she ran a small business to supplement the household income. It was not a particularly large concern and turned over about £15k a year.

Before I could comment one of the others chipped in:

‘Ah well what you should do is this’:

And on he went - it became rather embarrassing.

Of course the person giving the advice had never run a business in his life and did not have a clue.


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