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Simple Stories That Help Us To Be More Successful – No. 3

By Malcolm Orchard on 29/07/2016 - 0 Comments

We all know or have met people who are unable to see that repeatedly bad outcomes in their life and business are often affected by their own conceited attitude and lazy decision making, and they refuse to accept that a change in their behaviour may bring about improvement and success. They always blame everything else, but never themselves.

The following story is actually based on true events and be warned it does not have a happy ending. A lot of lessons can be learned from this.

It’s Never My Fault

I met with a 25 year old who had recently inherited his family manufacturing business. The business was profitable, but had plateaued. Growing up he had always had everything on a plate, nice car, money in his pocket, designer clothes all of which was financed by his parents from the business.

It was clear from our discussions that he was just expecting the business to continue and the more we spoke about not standing still, but putting in strategies to ensure the business would grow, and that profit was sustainable the more he became arrogant and pig headed commenting as follows:

Inevitably the business went bust leaving a pile of debts and 15 people out of work.
He lost his home and his wife of 2 years has left him and he is struggling to get access to his one year old son. Imagine how that must feel.

And now he is blaming everyone else for the failure commenting that:

Even in the face of abject failure and disaster he believes that he was not to blame on any level even though he sat and watched the business fail without taking any actions to save it.

It was a sad ending to a great opportunity, but arrogance and conceit won the day.
A wise man is never be too proud to take advice and learn from his mistakes.

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