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Simple Stories That Help Us To Be More Successful – No. 5

By Malcolm Orchard on 14/02/2017 - 0 Comments

Today’s story has been used a number of times over the years to show how a simple change in a message can make a significant improvement in gaining results. It is still a very strong analogy to all business owners who want to market their wares to potential clients.

A business can have a great product or service, but getting the correct message out to the market can be difficult. The message needs to be different from your competitors, thought provoking or memorable. Just telling the market ‘what you do’ is often not enough, the message needs to be stimulating or even a bit quirky.

This story is called:

It’s a beautiful day

An old blind man was begging on a busy street corner, he had a tin cup and a cardboard sign that read ‘Blind – please help me’

His cup was empty and people were ignoring him.

A young advertising executive was walking past and noticed the blind man and his empty cup. He stopped and watched as people moved past the old man completely unmoved by his plight.

The young advertising executive took a thick marker pen from his pocket, turned the cardboard sign over and wrote a message on it.  He put the sign back next to the blind man and went on his way.

Almost immediately passer byes were stopping and putting money in the tin cup, and soon the cup was overflowing. The blind man was baffled and he asked a stranger to tell him what was written on the sign.

The stranger read the sign to him – it said ‘Today is a beautiful day, but I cannot see it’

Sending out the right marketing message is essential for all businesses. It doesn’t  need to be big and brassy, the message can be simple, but it needs to be memorable or thought provoking. 

A business must continue to review and improve their message to the market. It is not just a question of telling them what you do – get the market to react to your message.


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