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Simple Stories That Help Us To Be More Successful – No. 6

By Malcolm Orchard on 27/03/2017 - 0 Comments

Today’s story discusses the importance of planning and strategy. We all have good ideas, but clear thought and considered implementation of these ideas is critical to success. I have known a number of Business Owners that have great ideas, but do not succeed because they have failed to plan. There is a wonderful quote by Benjamin Franklin that illustrates this perfectly.


This story is called:
Let’s Go For a Walk

If I suggested that a few of us walk to the local pub for a beer one evening we would agree a day and time and casually walk down to the village and enjoy a convivial evening with our friends. We would not have changed the world, but we would have had a pleasant evening chatting with our friends.
But what if I suggested we raise money for a local charity by seeking sponsorship to walk to Land’s End in Cornwall. We would have to plan a number of things to ensure success.

This is a very different walk than a leisurely stroll down the pub. It needs thought, planning and commitment to succeed.

Consider the marketing to raise the sponsorship money, the operational aspects to ensure all the logistics are covered, create a budget to cover the costs of food and sustenance. Agree roles and responsibilities and and get commitment from all parties to ensure success.

In business, too many owners tend to work hard but with no plan. Great businesses plan what they want, then plan strategies and tactics to get there.


ICON Business Solutions implement tactics and strategies to ensure business success on your journey. Our Success Model Planning program looks at all the aspects of business to ensure they are all working in harmony to build sustainable growth in the business.

ICON Business Solutions – supporting you on your journey to success. Contact your local Advisor today for a free initial planning meeting.

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