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Simple Stories That Help Us To Be More Successful

By Malcolm Orchard on 27/09/2017 - 0 Comments

I wonder sometimes if suppliers, shops or service agencies actually want my business.

How many times have you bought something and the experience is one of complete indifference?

Over the years it has happened to me on a number of occasions – and guess what, I never go back, so they have lost my custom forever. I guess the reverse is also true when I buy something and actually feel that my custom is appreciated, that I receive service with a smile and the shop keeper wishes me good morning – I keep going back. AND moreover I talk to my friends, family and colleagues about both experiences, so there is a ripple effect.

It should not be difficult to understand this and yet in my own village I can point to at least 3 establishments that clearly don’t give a damn. The good news is I can also point to a number that do give a damn and I recommend them all the time.

Perception of Indifference

Today’s story is close to home as it happened to me at a local petrol station (I cannot disclose which one). I filled up with fuel and walked into the shop to pay and as I entered I picked up a chocolate bar. I approached the counter to find the attendant on a mobile phone. He would not make eye contact with me, but waved at me to put my card in the payment machine.

Not once did he apologise for chatting on the phone or make any effort to speak to me, it was like I was an inconvenience. He then realised that he had not charged me for the chocolate bar so gave me a disgusting look as he had to cancel the payment and start again – not once did he come off the phone, acknowledge me or say thank you for the business.

Of course I will never go back and he probably will not even acknowledge that he was being rude and unprofessional – his loss.

Indifference to your customers is one of the worst traits there is, you must ensure that you are always professional, polite and appreciative of their business. Make your customer feel valued and they will come back and probably tell others.

Consider your own purchases, which ones would you recommend to friends, family and colleagues - why is this. Think about how you can get your clients to recommend you by making them feel that you appreciate their business.

A smile or a thank you costs nothing but the value to the customer is massive.

Remember, if you are indifferent to your customer they will not be inclined to return and probably look elsewhere to buy.

Don't fall into this trap - ask for an independent view on your business, by contacting your local Icon Advisor now,

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