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The Two States of Life

By Team Icon on 16/07/2017 - 0 Comments

This article is another one taken from from the Icon Business Solutions "Your Business Your Life" book.

There are two natural states of life:

  1. You are growing; or
  2. You are dying.

Your business will be in one of these two states, it’s either in a growth phase or it’s dying. You can’t maintain stability or stay static as it is not a natural state of the universe.

Unless you are planning to get out of your business or let it die a natural death, the only choice is to grow you and your business.


Are you holding back the reins of your business and stopping it from running? Sure you have to control your business to a degree so it does not run into undue danger, however, if you hold the reins too tight for too long both you and the business will never go as far and as fast as you could have.

The culture of your organization will be one of forever holding back. You will hold on too tight and nothing will be able to change. You will maintain direction, even if it’s wrong and is going down the wrong track.

One of the largest challenges in small business today is that the business is never going to get anywhere. The owner is moving too slowly and is holding on too tight.


Step 1: Hold both of your fists as tight as you can and don’t let go;

Step 2: While holding your hands like that, as tight as you can, get somebody else to put money into your hands.

If you hold on too tight, you can’t receive and you will never be able to get what you want.


There are a many and varied number of methods to improve this area.

For some, it will be a long journey and for others it will be fast and exciting - the choice is yours.

Contact your local Advisor today and develop the processes for continual growth for your business.

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