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What our Clients say about ICON...

Quote from David Hooper - The outcome has been very positive, we are now on a growth strategy which is in line with the business plan.

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are a very powerful tool. It enables you to see what others think of working with ICON and our Business Advisers:

Paul Glazby from Prime Mover

"I have been working with Tano Rebora now for 12 months, In that time the Icon process has opened my eyes how to run a business"...

Goal/Results from working with ICON:

With a great product facing a large market with increasing demand the M.D. knew that the business has great potential to become a leading, national name but as a ‘start-up’ could also see insurmountable obstacles to getting there and the value of external support..

The focus on future strategies and company requirements was key as we engaged.

The first steps were key:
the development of a vision for the future positioning of the business
the hiring of the right people and the processes needed to manage their development
the focus on branding and marketing

There is a long way to go but, in the past year, the number of members has trebled and the appropriate processes have now been adopted which will support the future growth that the business will demand.

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