12 Points of Culture

We've built ICON Business Solutions on honesty, integrity, efficiency and professionalism, and our reputation means everything to us. All in the ICON network share a desire to help business owners achieve their goals, and all of our members are committed to our 12 points culture

1) Integrity: Our Foundation of Success

We focus on positive outcomes and achieve these by building and sustaining healthy business relationships. We will not make false promises – we will only tell you what we believe is achievable for your company.

2) Excellence: Our Pillar of Difference

We will not accept second best or ‘just good enough’. This means that we continually strive to add value in our interactions with those we work with.

3) Passion: Our Point of Distinction

We display a high level of enthusiasm when supporting our clients. We are providers of solutions rather than promoters of problems and are consistently striving towards developing ourselves as industry leaders.

4) Urgency: Our Cornerstone of Achievement

We understand that delay creates a backlog which, in turn, can potentially lead to failure. Therefore, we are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. We promote a ‘can do’ attitude across all aspects of our company and encourage everyone we work with to do the same.

5) Knowledge: Our Creation of True Wealth

Being successful means always being open to learning new skills. However, simply having knowledge is not enough; we must apply that knowledge and learn from doing so.

6) Our Word: Who We Are

We only make agreements we are willing and able to fulfil. This means that we will communicate any potential problems to you as soon as we can, while offering appropriate solutions to rectify them.

7) Success: Our Purpose

Confidence and a positive attitude are key attributes on the path to success. Therefore, we believe that a ‘can-do' attitude is crucial and strive to continually bolster businesses confidence, helping our clients to achieve their overall goals in their aim to be successful.

8) Change: We Embrace the Future

Change is a good thing. Therefore, we support others around us by embracing positive action towards the changes they desire in their business and their personal life.

9) Openness: Our Way of Communicating

We are open in our communication with others and are always willing to accept, and learn from, constructive feedback.

10) Team Work: Our Way of Working Together

Behind every great business, there's a great team. At ICON Business Solutions, the achievement of our team’s goals means that we can help all the businesses we work with achieve their own specific goals. However, we know that sometimes mistakes are made – and we're always prepared to reflect on them and learn from them.

11) Systems: Our Way of Developing

We understand that 95% of all business challenges are system-related and 5% are human-related. Therefore, we work towards implementing a culture of testing, measuring, reviewing and correcting with every company we work with.

12) Life: Our Way of Being

Being successful in business can be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Each member of the ICON Business Services team is committed to ensuring that everyone we work with gets the most out of their company, and achieves the happy, fulfilling life that they deserve.

The above represents a way of working enshrined in a culture which means that all in our network share a common approach to help business owners achieve unparalleled results.