Typical Pressures of Managing a Business

            • Team
            • Money
            • Workload

The result is a lack of work / life balance and family time.

Managing a Business can be Stressful.

Your business should deliver the lifestyle you want – otherwise you have a job.

Having to deal with all the day to day challenges

            • Paying bills on time
            • Managing staff – sometimes having to manage difficult situations such as disciplinaries and dismissals 
            • Dealing with difficult clients
            • Managing all requirements of dealing with HMRC – VAT, PAYE, National Insurance and compliance reporting.

All of this may lead you to work harder in your business and not necessarily smarter.

The casualty of this is your personal life – and no time for you and your family, and at worst, risk to your health!

Why have a business if you don’t get out of it what you want from it.

Time to act now.

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