Jonathan Sawyer

Chief Executive Officer

Personal Experience

Jonathan Sawyer is a student and practitioner of what makes great companies succeed and is a leading Advisor to SME businesses. He is a consultant focussed on business management and the pursuit of sustained, profitable growth for SME's, and has pioneered a new approach in consulting to help business owners in the mid-tier SME market achieve their goals – with confidence. He has worked for some big brands along the way including The Walt Disney Company, Hilton International and Pret a Manger.

Jonathan at Icon Business Solutions

Jon identified ICON Business Solutions in 2005 and was immediately struck by the success being achieved in the Southern Hemisphere operating in the S.M.E sector. Jon knew that the opportunity existed to take this business to the next level, the systems, the reputation and the training were world class and after acquiring the business he relocated head office to the U.K. 

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