See how we have been able to fast track results for our clients

David Hooper from Espresso TV

“The outcome has been very positive, we are now on a growth strategy which is in line with the business plan”

Goal/Results from working with ICON:

“The prime goals for this assignment were to work in re-focusing the business strategy, medium and long term.

There was initially a lot of work – going through the business as a whole, but the business was quickly able to see the benefits, and this provided a very good base for the strategy going forward for the next 5 years. 

Adjustments have been made to the manner the business was working, focusing in some key areas of the business which has at times been taxing, but required”.

Paul Glazby from Prime Mover

“I have been working with ICON now for 12 months, In that time the process has opened my eyes how to run a business”

Goal/Results from working with ICON:

“With a great product facing a large market with increasing demand the M.D. knew that the business has great potential to become a leading, national name but as a ‘start-up’ could also see insurmountable obstacles to getting there and the value of external support.

The focus on future strategies and company requirements was key as we engaged.

The first steps were key:

  • the development of a vision for the future positioning of the business
  • the hiring of the right people and the processes needed to manage their development
  • the focus on branding and marketing

There is a long way to go but, in the past year, the number of members has trebled and the appropriate processes have now been adopted which will support the future growth that the business will demand”.

Jackie Fisher from JFA Environmental Planning

“The reason we started working with Icon was that I felt we had a good company but I didn’t know how to take it next level quickly… Tony Golley was the first consultant who actually asked me what I wanted, and really listened, what a refreshing change”

Goal/Results from working with ICON:

The MD was frustrated, knowing that she had great business potential, but not enough of a cutting edge to reach it. There was also the problem of having some great employees but they had not really jelled as a cohesive team and their lack of understanding of business was holding back their development.

  • The first task was to develop a cohesive, forward looking and powerful vision for the future of the company and from this develop a mission and key objectives that the staff could buy in to
  • The second task was to overhaul the company’s marketing programme and help the relevant staff to develop their skills
  • The third task was to develop a team mentality and a cohesive way of working that empowered everyone in the business

The results have been impressive. We have streamlined the business, developed a unique proposition to the market, created a really enthusiastic team and grown our business in very difficult times from £400,000 to £600,000 in just 12 months

Lee Alley from Morgan Alley Websmiths

“Despite having an MBA, I found Tony’s practical experienced advice was absolutely spot on. As a result I now work only 50 -60 hours a week rather than the 80-90 previously and I am working much more effectively and spending 25% of my time working ON The Business. I would thoroughly recommend Tony to any Business Owner who wants to change the way he/she works in their business”

Goal/Results from working with ICON:

I wanted to grow my business, but was terrified of employing the wrong people for the wrong jobs, in fact terrified of employing people Full Stop. I heard Tony Golley talk about planning for growth, so I asked to have a meeting. He asked several searching questions and then suggested I did a vision session with him. This clarified something very important for me as to where I wanted to take the company. We then sat down and really planned the next phase of my development so that I had a clear path with the financial requirements, not just in wages, but also what I needed to achieve in order to make a profit on these people from day 1.

As a result I am employing 3 more people, my business has doubled its turnover in just 4 months because I have been freed up to concentrate far more on marketing my business rather than spending all my time into the wee small hours doing the business.