Our Vision

Our vision is to create a global entity, dedicated to the enhancement of business, with the ultimate objective of improving people’s lives.

Our Mission

To continuously develop and expand a suite of consulting systems that deliver unparalleled results for business owners, and ensure our methodologies remain at the cutting edge.


The target market for ICON is companies with a turnover in excess of £400,000. In the UK, there are over 1 million of these companies, across all industry sectors, from retail to wholesale, manufacturing to service.

All of these companies face similar challenges to those in the corporate sector,  the only difference is that decision making is focused squarely on the business owner who has to navigate the business.

The challenges can be significant in and range from; inadequate cash flow; poor or work / lifestyle balance with many working 60+ hours per week; poor team performance; plans for growth not being achieved, and often no sign of an exit plan in place. The feeling of being ‘trapped’ by the business or not achieving goals is common-place.


ICON use proven systems to help understand the ‘real’ issues in the business, and develop a robust action plan to help deliver the change required. At each monthly meeting there is detailed analysis of each functional area of the business to identify what needs to change and why in order to achieve the overall goals. Metrics are put in place to evaluate performance of each strategy. The process is ‘rock solid’, as a monthly review of the metrics in the business will show the business owner how the business is progressing against the plan. As Stephen Covey notes in his book ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ you should start with the end in mind…… and that’s just what we do at ICON.